Can You Canoe 2024

We had a fantastic canoeing campout the weekend of June 18-19! We canoed 8 miles on the Sudbury River from Wayland through Lincoln and stayed on Scout Island, a remote location on the river.

The Scouts did a great job controlling the canoes in difficult, windy conditions, and we traveled at nearly a 2 knot pace.

Some Scouts took some daring and fun shortcuts through the marshes. We saw much wildlife, including a flight of about 20 swans. We had some rain, but it was mostly light.

We really appreciate Brady Quayle’s leadership throughout the campout, as well as Idan Chen for getting the food and leading the outstanding cooking.

We really appreciate Mr. Scott and Mrs. Gettings for doing so much to plan for this campout. Mr. Scott took care of renting and transporting most of our canoes, paddles, and lifejackets.

Thanks to Mr. Evans, Mr. Gettings, Mr. Jiang, Mr. Rivero, and Mr. Scott, for joining us as adult leaders for the campout.

We also really appreciate Mr. Watters for bringing (via canoe) ice cream and Jiffy Pop for all of us during dinner.

Mr. Evans caught and shared this picture of the little-known Sudbury River Monster lurking in the river.